Whether you opt for a statement in colorful vegan sandals or for your next basic model that goes with everything, Fünve sandals bring a hefty dose of fairness into your everyday life because they are 100% cruelty-free. In their production, neither humans nor animals are harmed, as they are not only 100% vegan and thus safe for the animal world but we also pay close attention to the people involved in production. All slides are handcrafted in the EU under fair working conditions.

Why Portugal as a Production Site

As a production site, we have chosen a small town in northern Portugal for a good reason. Here, the art of shoemaking has a long tradition. The numerous family businesses in the region ensure that know-how has been passed down from generation to generation. We select our producers with great care, considering not only their craftsmanship but also how it feels to work there on a human level. Since Portugal is part of the EU, many labor-related aspects are already regulated through corresponding regulations. For example, there is a legal minimum wage and a state healthcare system.

Fair sandals can only exist when everyone is happy

However, we do not settle for minimum requirements. We expect our producers to provide excellent working conditions for their employees. This is reflected, for example, in fair wages that are well above the minimum wage and in employer certificates. But it is also reflected in our on-site visits, where we must feel that we are working with a good and valuable employer in the region. Every time we are there, we ask ourselves:
  • What is the general mood? Is there laughter and banter among the workers? What is the noise level like? Is there plenty of natural light in the production hall? Are break times and working hours being adhered to as planned?

Only when all these questions are answered positively can we consider our collaboration with our producers successful. Our goal is for the thought of Fünve to bring a smile not only to your face but also to everyone involved in the production process.

Fünve Faire Sandalen