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Fünve Pantolette mit Kork-Latex Fußbett


Function: The anatomical shape of the cork sole footbed supports the natural gait, while the high latex content provides shock-absorbing comfort.
Fünve Hausschuhe mit Fußbett, Detailaufnahme: Zehengreifer


Function: Promotes the natural rolling movement of the foot, through optimal guidance of the toes.
Fünve Slides Fersenschale für sicheren Halt


Function: Provides firm support for the foot and ensures correct positioning of the foot in the shoe.


Function: The inner and outer longitudinal arch supports, as well as the transverse arch support, guide the foot upon impact and ensure a natural, anatomically correct stance.
Fünve Slides hauspantoletten mit Fußbett, Detailaufnahme Bettungsrand


Function: Protects the toes from impacts and dirt.
Fünve Pantolette Slides Sandale mit rutschfester Gummisohle in Krepp


Function: The rubber sole with crepe texture provides secure grip even on smooth and wet surfaces.
  • Vegan slippers - Or outdoor sandals after all?

    Indoors or outdoors, or depending on a spontaneous whim – our slippers showcase a clear combination of suitability for both inside and outside use. The ease of slipping into them and the coziness of the materials make a strong case for using them at home, like right after getting up. However, wearing them outside of your own four walls is also a great idea due to their casual design, high-quality craftsmanship, and comfortable footbed. But the best part is that you don't have to choose one over the other; you can simply wear them as comfy and cool all-around shoes :)
  • Comfortable slippers - Essential everyday luxury

    Wearing high-quality slippers is an act of self-care: They keep your feet warm, protect them from dust and dirt, and can even reduce the risk of foot infections. But it's about more than practical benefits. The moment you take off your street shoes and slip into your slippers, you're home, you close the door behind you and leave the stress of the day outside. We think this feeling is wonderful and worth celebrating properly. Really good and high-quality slippers are exactly the everyday luxury you need for that.
  • Quality slippers – A comfortable home for your feet

    At Fünve, we don't just offer you house slippers – we offer a piece of home for your feet. Your well-being is our top priority. That's why Fünve slippers are equipped with an anatomical footbed that gently encloses and supports your feet. This is not only comfortable but can also help prevent postural damage. The vegan leather we use is so soft that it gives barefoot walkers a particularly pleasant feeling of comfort. Every step in our slippers should feel natural and comfortable. But of course, there is absolutely nothing to say against making things a little cozier with a pair of fluffy socks in the slides.
  • The Fünve Sole: Slippers with a footbed made of cork and latex

    A good sole is the foundation of the perfect slipper. The blend of cork and latex in our soles not only provides excellent insulation against the cold but also offers pleasant cushioning due to their flexibility. This ensures warmth and comfort with every step you take.

  • The value of vegan slippers

    At Fünve, we take pride in offering you vegan slippers. Choosing not to use animal products means acting ethically and ecologically responsible. Our vegan materials are easy to care for and durable, and all components are carefully handcrafted. This makes Fünve house slides an excellent choice for you if you value quality over quantity and like to enjoy your favorite pieces for a long time.
  • Which slippers do you choose?

    Ultimately, choosing slippers is a very personal decision. They represent comfort, style, and sometimes personal values. With a pair of Fünve slippers, you choose a product that combines all of this – comfort, durability, style, and environmental awareness.

    So, if you are looking for a pair of slippers that you enjoy wearing, that supports your feet, and aligns with your ethical convictions, our Fünve slippers could be just right for you. Give your feet a home – with Fünve.

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