Fünve slippers - that's Fair Fun for Feet!

Hey, good to see you here! Because that means you want to know more about Fünve and the idea behind our brand for ethically correct slippers. So you're probably a person who weighs up their consumption decisions instead of blindly buying the next it-piece. That is wonderful! Because it is precisely this attitude that plays a large part in making the fashion industry increasingly humane and environmentally friendly. Our claim "Fair Fun for Feet" is also our mission and we're happy to explain what it's about.   


Fashion and sustainability:

Fünve - faire vegane Sandalen - Faux Leather und handgemacht in EU


The slogan of the last decades was "fast fashion". Fashion was cheaply produced, briefly loved and quickly thrown away. During this time, the clothing and footwear industry has become an enormous burden on the planet and its inhabitants. Fortunately, no one can force us to continue on this path. We have the choice to buy ethical, responsibly produced goods. We can decide not to tolerate cruelty towards animals. And it is in our hands to choose products that are in the best interest of our planets ecosystem. This "we" refers to you as a consumer, but also to us as producers. That's why we manufacture slides under fair labour conditions in Europe, that are 100% vegan and have as little negative impact on our environment as possible.

Why slides?

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Starting your own label is a cool thing! But why would you actually start with producing slides? For us, slides are THE symbol of a central paradigm shift that is taking place in our society: the change from status symbols and rigid structures in favor of a growing orientation towards freedom and personal needs. Instead of "nine-to-five", cubicle offices and dress code, we prefer a 4-day week, remote working and comfortable slippers that put you in a good mood wherever and whenever you walk in them - day, night, the apartment, co-working space, museum, mall, fancy or shabby restaurant, park, beach, yoga studio, outdoor gym, garden party, wedding reception, business lunch, sunday stroll ... you name it!

Wanna shop fun slides?

Fünve - that's freedom for your feet!

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For Feet

What is freedom? Freedom is space! Freedom is air! This also applies to our feet, which carry us through life every day. Let's give them a treat! Too often we lock our feet in shoes that are too tight. We don't just mean 10 cm high heels. No, even most normal everyday shoes are far from doing anything good for our feet. Almost all of them leave too little space for the toes and most hard soles without a footbed strain the arch of the foot if they are worn for a long time. If a closed shoe is not breathable, the foot climate suffers and bacteria is likely to grow. Walking barefoot is great for your feet, but often not practical. Barefoot shoes are a great idea if you want your shoes to be closed. However, we love the freedom that open toe slippers give us. Easy to slide in and out, super comfortable thanks to the anatomically shaped footbed and as much space and air for your toes as they need.