Good for your style, good for your feet, and good for your conscience: Fünve's certified vegan sandals don't just look cool, but are handcrafted in traditional Portuguese workshops. Plus, they treat your feet with a buttery-soft footbed and a snug, padded strap. The cork sole is super lightweight, insulating, and cushions every step. All this makes Fünve slides so comfy and your perfect round-the-clock companions!


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A key factor behind the comfy Fünve footbeds is the balanced mix of cork and latex, making the sandals super light yet flexible. On top of that, there are more design features ensuring comfort every step of the way:

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Fünve slides are fully vegan, meaning no animal materials are used at any stage of production. No leather, no wool, no silk, no glues with bone or tendon residues (sorry, gross), and no raw materials associated with animal testing. Luckily, there are awesome vegan alternatives for all these materials that match up in terms of quality, appearance, and durability. All Fünve slides are PETA-certified vegan.

  • Cool City Sandals

    Fünve slides aren't just comfy and fair to both humans and animals, but also as versatile as city life itself. Their style adapts to any occasion and nearly every outfit. Whether it's casual, chic, laid-back, or sporty - high-quality comfy sandals effortlessly elevate your look.

    Remember those slippers you had in kindergarten? Sadly, that's not a thing in most offices anymore. But imagine walking into the office in shoes as comfy as those slippers. After all, we spend countless hours at the office and want to feel super cozy there. Fünve's comfy sandals are just the ticket! Mega comfy thanks to the soft footbed, and totally office-appropriate with their premium design and high-quality craftsmanship.

  • Reliable Party Slippers

    Push the party in party slippers! Don't let sore feet be the reason to head home. Whether you pick an outfit that matches the comfy slides perfectly, or you bring them as a backup – with Fünve, you'll party longer! ;)

  • Casual Leisure Slides

    Love keeping it simple but don't want to compromise on design? Luckily, you've found Fünve! There's hardly anything as chill as slide sandals. Just slip in - and you're done. No buckles, no zippers, no laces. And with the use of high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship, every Fünve slide is a true gem for your feet.

  • Premium Home Slippers

    Coming home and feeling at ease! A crucial moment is when you kick off your street shoes and finally let your feet breathe! How great it is then to slip straight into your comfy Fünve slides! They offer ample room for your toes, reliably insulate against cold floors, and support your feet with an anatomically shaped footbed.

  • Practical All-Purpose Slides

    If you could only rock one type of kicks from now on, what would they be? We're all in for comfy sandals with footbeds. From indoors to outdoors and back again - anatomical slides are the real MVPs, offering top-notch comfort and looking sharp, especially when it comes to Fünve.
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