Collection: Colorful slides for a cheerful mood

To help you navigate the world of our slides, we've grouped the various designs into categories. New colorful sandals as well as solid-colored models are regularly added to these collections. And you can also look forward to entirely new slide collections. Enjoy exploring!

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Dopamine boost through colourful sandals

It has been proven that colours influence our mood. That is why, for example, people in colour therapy are exposed to coloured light in order to feel calmer or more energetic. For the same reason the choice of colour is also very important in the area of interior design. In principle, it works the same way with our clothes. However, we don't really notice many items of clothing ourselves once we have put them on. In fact, your own shoes are the personal clothing items that catch your eye the most. So this is a great starting point to put an extra portion of good humor into your life with cool colour combinations. This has never been easy than now, with the colourful slides by Fünve. ;)

Fünve Brand Icons - Arrow, Path, Flower, Sea, Ocean, Sun - bunte Sandalen

Little colour theory

Yellow is a stimulating colour that is said to increase energy levels and is associated with happiness and originality.
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Orange with its warm shades stands for enthusiasm, freedom and fun and is the colour of joy and creativity.

Pink is associated with friendliness, lightness and peace of mind.
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Green is universally associated with nature. Mint green shades have a calming and soothing effect, just like a walk in nature.
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Blue is the color of the sea and the color of calm, peace and depth. Shades of blue are said to give a feeling of relaxation.
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