We all agree: Fünve sandals are sooooo comfortable!

This is due in part to the footbed of the vegan sandals and also to the material and construction of the strap. The midsole of these comfortable sandals consists of a shock-absorbing blend of cork and latex, which gradually adapts to your own foot shape over time. Straight from the factory, this midsole is already molded into a supportive footbed that provides you with stability and promotes natural walking and circulation.

Fünve slides give your feet freedom and ventilation

A shoe is only a good shoe if it doesn't pinch, creates a healthy foot climate, provides sensible support, and is easy to put on and take off. That's why we are huge fans of anatomical slides. The toe- and heel-free design of Fünve slides allows plenty of air to reach your feet and accommodates all foot shapes.

Fünve sandals with footbed

To ensure a secure step despite all the casualness, all Fünves have a comfortable cork-latex footbed. The materials for the insole and strap are deliberately chosen to be soft, ensuring that Fünve's vegan sandals offer maximum comfort.


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