Weiße Sandalen als Brautschuhe

Sandals as bridal shoes: a comfy wedding

The time has come: you are planning your dream wedding and are looking for the perfect pair of bridal shoes. Instead of stilettos or pumps, how about wedding flats that are both stylish and comfortable? Here's why sandals are a great choice for bridal shoes, and how they'll help ensure your big day is all about love—rather than blisters and cracked ankles.


Getting married in sandals: cool and relaxed

Getting married in sandals is a really good idea if a) you value comfort on your wedding day so that you can devote yourself fully to your celebration, your guests and your love and b) you want a casual, unconventional touch to your wedding outfit. You don't have to do without good style, because fortunately, the days when comfortable sandals were synonymous with ugly eco slippers are over. For example, they score white YANG slides by Fünve with a combo of clean, geometric cut, anatomically shaped footbed and soft strap.

Fünve vegane Sandalen in Weiß, Fünve Modell: YANG

Fünve YANG Slides

With the right sandals as bridal shoes, you combine the best of comfort and style and don't have to choose between comfortable and elegant shoes. In flat bridal shoes you can dance and celebrate all day without your feet suffering!

Sandals as bridal shoes: suitable for which weddings?

Sandals as flat bridal shoes are ideal for relaxed weddings where the focus is on a relaxed mood, harmonious togetherness, well-being and personal style. For example, they are ideal for beach weddings, garden parties or rustic barn weddings where a relaxed ambience and a natural look are the focus.


Garten Hochzeit in Sandalen

Photo by BRUNO on Unsplash

Wedding sandals: also for the groom

Sandals are not only an excellent choice for the bride - the groom can also cut a good figure with high-quality sandals. Especially when both the bride and groom wear the same type of sandals. While the bride's shoes are usually white, other colors are also possible for the groom. Here the suit and also the personal preference is decisive. White wedding sandals can also look great on the groom, e.g. with a casual linen suit. In most cases, however, it would be a bit more classic to use a dark model like thisYIN Slides.

Fünve vegane Sandalen in Schwarz; Fünve Modell: YIN

Fünve YIN Slides

Sandals for the wedding ceremony and the party afterwards

Sandals can be worn both at the ceremony itself, when the wedding is more relaxed, and as a backup wedding shoe once the formal part is over. Today, many bridal couples - at least the bride - decide to put on a more casual party outfit for the party after the wedding. In this case, comfortable bridal sandals or Wedding sandals, the perfect complement.


Conclusion: sandals as bridal shoes for a carefree wedding

If you are looking for comfortable and stylish bridal shoes, sandals are a perfect choice for you. They offer comfort, can be both casual and elegant and definitely give your bridal outfit an individual touch. It doesn't matter whether you want to celebrate a beach wedding, a garden party, a barn wedding, or plan to wear the sandals to church - you will feel completely comfortable in them and have an unforgettable celebration.

Titelbild: Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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