Erst Veganuary dann Vefebruary - mit Microhabits dranbleiben!

After Veganuary comes Vebruary! Stay on track with Microhabits.

Veganu-what? Since 2014, more and more people are joining the global Veganuary Challenge. It's all about living a month without animal products. Smartly, the organizers chose January for this challenge, when New Year's resolutions are still fresh and motivation is high.

At Fünve, we really celebrate Veganuary because it marks the beginning of a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle for many people. And what comes after Veganuary? Naturally, it's Vebruary! 😅

Microhabits: The Power of Small Habits

Vebruary is all about sticking to it! And microhabits can help with that. These are small, easy-to-implement habits that step by step help you achieve a long-term goal, like adopting an animal-friendly lifestyle in this case.

Whether you participated in Veganuary or not (this time), here are some suggestions for mini-habits that can easily help you with a plant-based lifestyle:

  1. 📆 🌱 Plan "veggie first": Get into the habit of checking your vegan or vegetarian recipe collections first when you're planning your meals for the week. There are so many delicious and protein-rich plant-based dishes out there, you might find yourself naturally reducing meat, cheese, etc. Some great recipes that come to mind are creamy red lentil Dahl, savory Boston beans, vegan Feijoada, or hummus carbonara.
  2. 🥦🥇 Make "alternatives" the standard: Some animal products can be easily and directly replaced with plant-based alternatives. For example, soy cream instead of dairy cream, marinated tofu pieces instead of bacon bits, oat milk instead of cow's milk. The taste difference is often marginal. Just consistently opt for the veggie version of these products!
  3. 🛒 👀 Be mindful while shopping: Whether it's cosmetics or fashion items, make it a habit to do a quick "vegan check". When shopping online, just set the appropriate filter, or look for certification labels on the packaging in stores. You'll be surprised at the quality and range of vegan products available nowadays. So, it's worth browsing in this category first for every purchase.
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Reward for Veganuary or a motivational boost for Vebruary?

We've got you covered! At Fünve, we rely on certification from the animal welfare organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). This certification ensures that all raw and processed materials used in the production process are of non-animal origin. So, if you want to reward yourself for your perseverance in Veganuary, or give yourself a little motivation for Vebruary, Fünve Slides are perfect for that! For example, the SUNSET model, which even won PETA's Vegan Award in the Travel category.

Sunset Slide Sandal Fünve

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Stay in touch?

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See you soon!

Best wishes, Kat
Author Katrin Marx
Author: Katrin Marx

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