Sportklamotten und Schlappen: assi oder stylo?

Sportswear and slippers: scruffy baggy look or awesome style?

Sportswear and slippers – two clothing categories that cause controversial discussions on their own, but above all in combination. Both are an epitome of convenience and comfort. But while some wear them confidently outside of the gym and their own homes, for others they are the ultimate sign of lack of style and carelessness. But what is the point of this debate? Can sportswear and slippers together make an everyday outfit, or should they stay in the closet?

One thing is for sure: It doesn't get any comfier!

The combination of sportswear and slippers offers a level of comfort that is second to none! There are various reasons for this:

  1. Light Materials: Sportswear is usually made of light and flexible fabrics such as polyester, elastane or nylon (recycled if possible!). These fabrics allow a high degree of freedom of movement, do not weigh you down and do not restrict you. Good slippers are also made of lightweight materials such as thermoplastic rubber, plastics or cork. In addition, slides or mules only need very little of it. Their weight is hardly noticeable compared to sneakers or boots.
  2. Breathable & fast drying: One of the most important characteristics of comfortable clothing is its breathability. Functional sports textiles are designed to effectively wick moisture away from the body and allow it to evaporate to ensure a comfortable body climate. Due to their open construction and suitable lining material, slippers also offer excellent breathability, which increases wearing comfort, especially in warm temperatures. This is not only practical, but also increases comfort, as wet clothing or shoes can rub uncomfortably on the skin and cause blisters or chafing.
  3. Body-friendly fit: Modern activewear is designed in such a way that it fits comfortably and securely in all natural movements and even during sports. High-quality sports clothing items usually have extra flat seams that reduce friction and increase comfort and the textiles are flexible but with sufficient rigidity, which is particularly important for sports bras. Slippers, on the other hand, are particularly body-friendly if they have an anatomically shaped insole that supports the foot and thus ensures a comfortable walking experience. The combination of support on the one hand and freedom from pressure leads to an overall relaxed feeling and also promotes healthy blood circulation.

The problem: Sports clothes and slippers can look unkempt

Leggings, jogging pants and the like, as well as wearing slippers in public, can sometimes be perceived as unflattering. On the one hand, this has to do with what different groups of people associate with this type of clothing, and on the other hand with the quality and care of the clothing. The latter applies in principle to all outfits, but it is particularly important for leisurewear.

Nachlässiger Sweatpants Style
Photo by Max Harlynking on Unsplash
  • Association with free time and laziness: Baggy jogging pants and slippers are associated with relaxation and free time, but also with laziness and negligence. They're considered typical attire for cozy days at home or sweaty sessions at the gym for which you don't put much effort into putting together an appealing outfit.
  • Missing fit: When sportswear is very loose, but also when it fits like a second skin, it has little of its own structure or shape. This can make you look negligent especially if you're not paying attention to the overall composition of the outfit. The same applies to slippers, which are quickly perceived as loose and deformed, if they don't have a striking design.
  • Cheap materials and poor workmanship: The typical fast-fashion activewear and many slides are made of cheap materials and are not of particularly high quality. This makes them look worn out quickly, even if they were bought recently.
  • No colour matching: The combination of sports outfits and slippers can also appear inharmonious if the colours and patterns of the two items of clothing are not properly matched.
  • Inappropriate context: Finally, the context in which jogging pants and slippers are worn also plays a role in how the outfit is perceived. In situations where a certain dress code is expected, such as in the office or at an event, wearing activewear and slippers can be interpreted as a sign of disrespect and neglect. This point arises mainly from the reasons mentioned above.

The solution: high-quality products and perfect combinations

Sportswear and slides don't have to look shabby,. On the contrary! They can be combined in a really stylish way! Just a little mindfulness is needed. First of all, it is crucial that you pay attention to really good quality of the slides, mules or slippers as well as of the comfortable sports-, active- or leisurewear. This will cost a couple of Euros more, but you will clearly see a difference and the high-quality products also last longer. With quality products, you can be sure that a lot of work has gone into developing the cuts and fits and that only the best materials are used. The next important point is the colour matching. When it comes to activewear, it is advisable to buy matching sets directly if they are available. So you can be sure that, for example, leggings and a sports bra go perfectly together. If you also want to combine slippers for the ultimate chilled outfit, you have to take a closer look to see which ones match well. Black in black is a classic and always works. The strickier thing, however, is to combine cool, colourful leggings, such as those from Ambiletics, with matching slides. But don't worry:

We’ve got you covered! Ambiletics x Fünve

Fünve is a label for vegan slippers that stands out from the crowd thanks to the multi-coloured designs And Ambiletics (Ambi) also has colourful prints for their sports sets in their collections. Here are some Fünve - Ambi combos that are those perfect matches: 

Match! "Dawning Galaxy"

Fünve Rosa Sandalen DAWN mit Ambiletics Galaxy Leggings

We call the first combination presented “Dawning Galaxy” because it consists of the Fünve DAWN SLIDES and the Ambi GALAXY print.

Match! Tropical Cucumber

Fünve grüne Sandalen CUCUMBER mit Ambiletics Tropical Tension Set

That's the result when a cucumber travels to the tropics. Fünve CUCUMBER SLIDES + Ambi TROPICAL TENSION prints

Match! Zebra ones

Fünve weiße Sandalen YANG mit Ambiletics Zebra Zoom Set

So that Yin and Yang stay in balance, the zebra in this combo deals with its energetic, bright "YANG" side. Fünve YANG SLIDES + Ambi ZEBRA ZOOM print

Match! Yin Flow

Fünve schwarze Sandalen YIN mit Ambiletics Flow Set

Dark and calm like the yin energy, this combo flows through the day. Fünve YIN SLIDES + Ambi FLOW print

Conclusion: As you can see, with a little care and love when choosing the product, the combination of slippers and activewear can become a real stylish outfit that you can not only wear on the way to the gym, but in which you you can also collect style points in the café, while shopping or at Sunday brunch.

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