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Hard feet, soft core: the cool thing about foot care with tvey

Do you know the feeling of strolling barefoot down the beach, feet on the sand, salt water lapping your ankles, and the sun kisses your toes? As the founder of Fünve, the Schlappen label, that's exactly my everyday life. But as fantastic as this constant contact with Mother Nature is-my feet are sometimes a bit worn out.

Our colorful Slides Make the best of dry, horny surfer quantes. But I believe we can agree that well-groomed feet feel even better in open shoes. However, extensive foot care is time-consuming and feels more like work than wellness. Or?

The classic path of foot care

Basically there is this process that was probably already known to our grandmothers:

  1. Foot bath: A bit of relaxation, soaking feet and scrubbing off the dirt of the day.
  2. Push back cuticle if necessary.
  3. Cut nails: snap off straight to prevent ingrown nails.
  4. The notorious corneal removal. The following applies: Too much of a good thing can lead to even more calluses forming. A vicious circle!
  5. And finally, apply the lotion and let it be put in.

For the whole procedure you can approx. Plan half an hour. Personally, I think that's pretty long. But there is also an "express lane".

Express foot care with tvey

I got that from the Cologne cosmetics brand tvey Foot care set "free yourself" Received for assessment. What strikes me first: tvey says it is vegan! For me that is the most important criterion. If it were up to me, no more animal products should be brought onto the market. With the following three products, tvey ensures well-groomed feet when turning your foot around.

  1. Cornea on soft spray: Replaces the foot bath, so to speak. A quick spray and, as if by magic, the cornea is ready for step two. Reminds me of the principle of cuticle removers, who also work very reliably.
  2. Foot file with two sides: Rough and fine-the quick one-two punch to make out the cornea. First remove larger calluses with the coarse side and then "regrind" with the fine side-logical.
  3. Foot cream with crazy soft applicator: Not only does it smell floral and fresh, but with this applicator it is like someone else lovingly massaging your feet. A dream! The cream is absorbed really quickly and the feet feel great. Cracks and dry areas are wiped away by the extra portion of moisture.

Fußpflege mit tvey und Fünve

Conclusion: My feet are now "slipper-ready deluxe"!

Let me put it this way: slippers are always a good idea anyway. But with feet as well groomed as after the teatment with tvey, it would be a crime against aesthetics to stuff my toes into closed shoes. Since foot care with tvey is fun, quick and feels really good, I predict that from now on I will increasingly be given velvet paws in Five Slides Sees.

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