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Foot fetish - what's there to know?

Feet: They walk, jump, feel, smell, sweat, grow nails and callus - but they can also be very seductive! Since the founding of our label for vegan slides, our interest in feet has massively increased. Today we want to learn about the ultra-fans of feet: the foot fetishists and their passion for feet.


What exactly is a foot fetish?

Foot fetishism, also known as podophilia, is a form of sexual attraction in which the feet or shoes exert an erotic attraction. Although it's considered a taboo subject in some circles, it's a really common practice and there are a great many people who are sexually attracted to feet or shoes. So having a foot fetish is completely normal and acting on it is also ok if everyone involved feels like it.


How is a foot fetish being pursued?

The reasons why people are attracted to feet are different. Some find the shape and symmetry of feet particularly aesthetic, while others are aroused by a notion of power and submission often associated with feet and footwear. The smell and feel of shoes or stockings can also play a role. Depending on this, the fetish is executed in different ways.

Some people enjoy looking at, touching, or massaging other people's feet, while others like to showcase their own feet in shoes and stockings - or barefoot. Sometimes the appeal is simply taking or collecting photos or videos of feet.

Some foot fetishists are looking for social spaces where they can meet people who share their passion. For example, there are online forums and communities dedicated specifically to sharing photos and videos of feet, or meetings and events where you can live out your passion.

There are also many erotic practices related to foot fetish, such as wearing stockings, high heels, mules and boots. Wearing certain accessories such as anklets or bracelets can also be a way of living out the fetish. And of course you can do a lot more with feet instead of just decorating them... Who is into what - and in which intensity - can be totally different.


How does a fetish even come about?

The roots of fetishes, including foot fetish, are complex and there is no single explanation as to why a person has a fetish.

Some scholars suggest that fetishes may arise in childhood or early adolescence, when a person has a positive experience with a particular object or practice. This experience can then be transferred into sexuality and develop into a fetish over time.

Other theories state that fetishes can be genetic or biological. There are also approaches that suggest that these can be learning processes that arise from exposure to certain stimuli.

The majority of people who have a fetish find their sexuality normal and fulfilling, and a fetish is not an indicator of a mental disorder. Everyone has a unique relationship to sexuality and there is no right or wrong as long as you treat yourself and others with respect and everyone involved feels safe and fulfilled.


Foot Fetish in Pop Culture

The foot fetish is treated in different ways in pop culture. In some cases it is portrayed as something amusing or abstruse, while in other cases it is portrayed as something normal and even seductive. The depiction of foot fetish varies greatly in pop culture, depending on the country, culture, time and even the medium used. The way the foot fetish is portrayed in pop culture is not necessarily representative of reality.

In movies and TV shows foot fetish is often used as a running gag and misrepresented as something abnormal or perverted.

In the adult and pornography industry the foot fetish is often shown explicitly and can be part of the content. Here the fetish is often treated as something normal and, moreover, erotic.

The fashion and beauty industry also shows feet and shoes as something seductive and attractive. Here it can be seen that many shoes and boots are featured in advertisements and photo shoots to emphasize the beauty and attractiveness of the feet.

Foot fetish songs: There are actually some songs that deal with the topic of foot fetish. Some of these songs explicitly describe the subject, while others are more subtle and only indirectly address it. For example, there are some hip-hop and rap songs that address the subject of feet and shoes, but don't necessarily make explicit reference to them. Some songs have a BDSM themed nature that relates to the topic of foot fetish. And in others the lyrics address the topic in a more ironic and humorous way - sometimes mocking it.


What if you are actually scared of feet?

The fear of feet is known as podopathophobia or podophobia. This fear can be related to different aspects of feet, such as touching feet, looking at feet, or even thinking about feet. People with Podopathophobia can experience severe physical symptoms such as palpitations, sweating, nausea or even panic attacks when they come into contact with or are exposed to feet. There are different degrees and forms of that fear. Luckily some psychological and physiological treatments can help to manage it, such as behavioral therapy, medication, yoga, or meditation.


What role do sandals play in the foot fetish context?

Open shoes can affect the fantasies and practices of people who have a foot fetish. Sandales, just like other types of shoes, can help make people's feet more attractive and appealing by accentuating them and emphasizing their shape and appearance. For some people with a foot fetish, wearing open-toe sandals in particular can have an erotic effect. They may be attracted to the feet shown and aroused by the idea of engaging in erotic acts with someone wearing sandals.
We summarize: Feet can be damn sexy and there is a not inconsiderable proportion of people who attach great importance to the end of our legs. Whether you're one of them or not, it certainly doesn't hurt if you give your feet a little care from time to time and then show them off in really cool slides. Who knows, maybe your secret crush has a foot fetish, too?
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