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The ultimate rollercoaster Instructions for your feet: cooling, warming, repeating

In hectic everyday life, we often forget how much our feet afford for us. They carry us all day, get squeezed into shoes and hardly get the recognition they deserve. It's time to change that! A foot rollercoaster is a simple and effective way to do something good for our feet and give them much-needed relaxation.

Why alternating baths for the feet?

Alternating baths are definitely not a new invention. Even the ancient Greeks knew the advantages of the contrast bath and used it to strengthen the immune system. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, swore to alternate baths for the treatment of various diseases. in the 19th In the century they gained popularity again through the German doctor Sebastian Kneipp, who integrated them into his Kneipp therapy.

The tried and tested technique is used to stimulate blood circulation and has a decongestant and relaxing effect at the same time. Before we give you detailed instructions, here are a few more tips on what you need for your rollercoaster.

Preparation: This is what you need for your foot change bath

For the perfect foot change bath, you need two basins, one with warm water (approx. 38-40 °C, please do not hotter to avoid burns!) And one with cold (approx. 12-18 °C). Make sure the cymbals are large enough to put both of your feet in comfortably. Put a soft towel ready to dry. Bath products or essential oils in the water are also a good idea-but not a must. However, the additives increase relaxation and create an aromatherapeutic experience.

Implementation: step by step to optimal blood flow

1. Warming

Start with the warm bath. Dip your feet in the warm water for about 5-10 minutes. The warm water causes an expansion of the blood vessels in your feet, a reaction known as vasodilation. This will stimulate blood circulation and carry more oxygen-and nutrient-rich blood to the muscles and tissues of your feet. The result is a relaxed musculature and a pleasant feeling of warmth and relaxation.

2. Refresh

Now it's getting cool! Immerse your feet in the cold water for about 1-2 minutes immediately after the warm bath. The cold now leads to vasoconstriction, in other words: this time the blood vessels narrow. This process is intended to help remove metabolic waste and inflammatory mediators from your feet that have accumulated during the day. In any case, the result is an immediate energy kick and a refreshing feeling.

3. Repeat

Repeat this alternation between warm and cold water three to four times. The repeated expansion and narrowing of the blood vessels creates a "pump effect" that improves blood flow and optimizes the supply of the tissues. The muscles relax and pain and swelling can subside.

Follow-up: the all-round care package for your feet

After your foot change bath, it is important to dry your feet thoroughly. Make special attention to the spaces between the toes to prevent skin irritation and fungal infections.

Option 1: The creamy aftercare

A foot cream is a great way to take care of the skin of your feet and keep it supple even on your heels. Massage the cream thoroughly to increase blood flow and relax your feet even more.

Option 2: The manual relaxation

Instead of simply "just" rubbing in a cream, you can of course crown your rollercoaster with an extensive foot massage. Use your hands or a massager and focus on the soles of your feet and the area around your toes.

If you have the necessary time and patience, just combine both. Then you have the full wellness program for your feet. And so that the effect lasts a long time, we recommend either putting your feet up for the next few hours or-if this is not an option-moving around in really comfortable shoes. Thanks to their anatomical and soft cork footbed, e.g. our Five Slides Perfect for that!

Blaue Sandalen, vegan, von Fünve

Cozy slides of five, Model SKY

Perseverance is the key

As with any wellness treatment, regularity is the be-all and end-all. A rollercoaster shouldn't just be a one-time thing. Integrate it into your weekly routine to get the maximum benefits.

Conclusion: Foot care can be that simple!

With these detailed instructions for alternating foot baths, you can increase blood flow to your feet, relieve tension and recharge your batteries. All you need is two pools, warm and cold water and some time for yourself. Try it and you'll see how good it does your feet! Come on, treat yourself!

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